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  • About our Medical Team

    About our Medical Team

    Cryo-Save’s operations are underpinned by strong medical know-how thanks to a network of medical doctors and medical professionals dedicated to supporting our activity. Each and every one of our medical staff believes that the stem cells we store for you will contribute substantially, in the near future, to the treatment of a growing number of diseases.
  • Danica Alacka, MD

    Danica Alacka, MD

    Danica Alacka, MD, (Macedonia) received her medical degree from Skopje University, Macedonia. Dr. Alacka has been elected “Best doctor of the year” by the Macedonian Chamber of Doctors. She has an excellent background in medicine and a strong interest in cellular & regenerative medicine.
  • Dr Jacobus Pepler, MD

    Dr Jacobus Pepler, MD

    Dr Jacobus Pepler, MD, (South Africa) is our Medical Advisor in South Africa. Dr. Pepler has practiced medicine for 22 years with a special interest in Anaesthetics and Surgery. He also achieved significant milestones in his commercial career and published numerous papers for prestigious medical journals. Dr. Pepler obtained his MB.Ch.B from Stellenbosch in 1980 and completed his MBA in 1998.
  • Assen Pachejieff, MD

    Assen Pachejieff, MD

    Assen Pachejieff, MD, (Bulgaria) is a a medical doctor and a gifted linguist, speaking no less than five languages. He is currently the country manager for Cryo-Save Bulgaria. He has had many papers published and has contributed to numerous other medical publications. On a daily basis, Dr. Assen is involved in developing the business for the Bulgarian market.
  • Stefano Grossi, MD, PhD

    Stefano Grossi, MD, PhD

    Prof. Dott. Stefano Grossi, MD, PhD, (Italy) is a physician specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics and human embryology. Since 1988, the year of its founding, Professor Grossi has been one of the members of the Researchers for Human Reproduction Association. Professor Grossi has published numerous clinical studies in major international medical journals, specialised in the field of infertility. His work has paved the way for ICSI and resulted in a breakthrough in the treatment of severe Oligo-asthenospermia.
  • Roxana-Anca Macrin, MD

    Roxana-Anca Macrin, MD

    Roxana-Anca Macrin, MD, (Romania) holds a medical degree from Bucharest Medical University. Dr. Roxana-Anca has participated in several courses relating to stem cells and tissue engineering. She has a lot of experience in the medical services industry.
  • Markus Riek, MD

    Markus Riek, MD

    Markus Riek, MD, (Switzerland) is specialised in internal medicine. His specialisations were obtained at Inselspital (Bern) and Hammersmith Hospital (London), in endocrinology and diabetology. He holds extensive experience in the area of cord blood banking.
  • Sally Snyman, MD

    Sally Snyman, MD

    Sally Snyman (Sennitt), MD, FRCA, (England) qualified as a medical doctor from the University of London and specialised in anaesthesiology (FRCA, London). She has worked in clinical anaesthesia in the UK, Switzerland and South Africa and also has experience in regulatory affairs and quality management within the field of medical devices both in Europe and the USA. She has been the responsible person for the Cryo-Save lab activities in Belgium since Oct 2009.
  • Elena Nikiphorou, MBBS

    Elena Nikiphorou, MBBS

    Elena Nikiphorou, MBBS, BSc (Hons) MRCP, graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2004 and is currently in her final year of Rheumatology Training in Cambridge University Hospital. She obtained a First Class Honours for her Intercalated BSc in Physiology in 2002, as well as a British Pharmacological Society Award and a Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship for her BSc Research on Mineralocorticoid Receptors. She had completed a diverse medical rotation as a junior doctor in many London Teaching Hospitals prior to pursuing a career in Rheumatology. Her research interest is on structural damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis and has undertaken two years of MD research at UCL. She also has a keen interest in Medical Education and has acquired a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education from the University of Dundee (2011).
  • Marcin Jurga, PhD

    Marcin Jurga, PhD

    Marcin Jurga, Doctor of Medical Sciences (PhD) (Poland), currently Cryo-Save’s Research and Development Manager, based at the flagship laboratory in Niel, Belgium. Marcin Jurga graduated at Warsaw University in Poland and got Ph.D. degree at Medical Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. Marcin specializes for over 10 years in neurobiology, adult stem cells, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cell differentiation. Dr. Jurga has a long track record of scientific publications with over 20 peer-reviewed papers, 2 book chapters and over 60 presentations including invited lectures. Marcin Jurga has experience in management of multicenter research projects and preparation of clinical trials in stem cell regenerative medicine. Dr. Jurga received several prestigious awards e.g. The Chairman of the Polish Council of Ministers’ award in 2008; Stipend START for Best Young Polish Scientist awarded by The Foundation for Polish Science in 2007 and numerous international scholarships (e.g. NIH, IBRO, FENS, ESTIV). Dr. Jurga is peer reviewer of several scientific journals and grant committees.