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Cost Free
Donation Programme

As a service to the public, Cryo-Save offers its Cost-free Family Donation Programme, free of charge*, to families wishing to store their newborn's umbilical cord blood stem cells for a family member diagnosed with a life-threatening disease treatable by stem cells. This includes diseases such as Sickle Cell Anaemia and some forms of Leukaemia.

This programme is specifically designed to offer families in need the opportunity to have the cord blood stem cells of their expected newborn child collected and saved without any charges, aiming to treat a diseased first line relative in the near future.

In order to qualify, the family member must be diagnosed with a disease that is currently treatable with umbilical cord blood stem cells, be a first degree blood relative, and have an oncologist/haematologist who agrees that the stem cells can be used for treatment. If eligible, Cryo-Save will provide the collection kit and process and store the newborn's cord blood sample, until needed, without any cost to the family.

*Cryo-Save is not responsible for fees charged by your caregiver or hospital associated with the collection of your newborn's cord blood sample or any fees associated with shipping the sample to our laboratory