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Umbilical cord and cord blood stem cells have unique properties:6

  • At a maximum of nine months old, they have not yet suffered from the ageing process and have the potential to divide and differentiate in to specific functions better and quicker than other adult stem cells.
  • They are less likely to cause complications in allogeneic transplants (from a donor to a patient) than other adult stem cells.
  • Protected by the mother’s womb from many of the viruses and infections in the open world, they are less likely to be contaminated or affected by diseases.

And more specifically, umbilical cord derived stem cells have the unique ability to:

  • Home in on site of injury and assist in repair when injected intravenously.
  • Transform into numerous cells, including fat, cartilage, muscle, bone and nerve tissue.
  • Exhibit anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressant characteristics, an important characteristic in auto-immune disorders and inflammatory stages of numerous diseases.